So, Who am I?

Who is it that can tell me who I am? – William Shakespeare

I feel at this point myself and tell you a bit more about myself. As I said in my first post my name is Bret and I am currently a Cybersecurity student at WGU.

Let’s start with I am not – A writer! There will be plenty of mistakes and grammatical errors on these pages but with practice and some dedication to this space I hope to see it become a timeline of my writing progress.

So other than being a student what am I? I am a huge fan of all things tech and I imagine that will start to show in these pages. Linux, security, privacy, cryptography, networking and problem solving are all things that get me out of bed in the morning and I just want to consume as much as I can on the topics. I also like to play with the shiny new things on the hardware front(consumer and enterprise).

When I am not studying, building, hacking or learning I love to get out and enjoy all that the Arizona outdoors has to offer or reading a good book. There is no better way to clean your mind and body than just unplugging for a few hours and hitting the desert trails or getting lost in the pages of a new story, you never know what you may experience or learn along the way.

So Who am I? I am a learner and a grower.

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